Mindfulness is ‘paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and without judgment’ (Kabat-Zinn, 1990)


  • The purpose of this website is to provide support and information about bringing mindfulness to youth, in particular, but also to adults. Some topics may be useful to you in general, such as ones about the benefits of mindfulness for emotion regulation and the importance of social-emotional learning. This website also introduces you to a specific mindfulness curriculum called Learning to BREATHE. L2B is a sequenced program that can be used in many settings (e.g. schools, universities, clinical settings, after-school programs, residential facilities, etc.). Please visit the pages linked at left as well as L2B’s Facebook Page for updates and more detailed information.

What’s New at the Moment:

  • New Study Alert!
    Thanks to Dr. Amy Eva of the Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley and Natalie Thayer who investigated the effectiveness of L2B for adolescents at risk of school failure as they transition from high school into young adulthood. A small sample of 17 to 20 year olds (majority were male students of color) participated in the 6-week program and reported greater self-regulation, attention-awareness, and positive thinking at the end. The paper has been published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine


  • The study of L2B with College-Age Students has just been published in the Journal of American College Health. “Promoting Healthy Transition to College through Mindfulness Training with 1st year College Students: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial” is now available  online at:http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/RRNtKn4CCpTM9BuY6Sk8/full


 2017 Workshops for L2B (UPDATED)

  • New York City:

March 9-10 Learning to Breathe Intensive

Baruch College, 135 E. 22 Street (at Lexington)

Please contact Katie Crum directly in order to register for this workshop.




  • Hoffman Estates, Illinois:

Feb. 24   Experiential Mindfulness for School Personnel Brenda Nelson, DSW

Apr. 4    Learning to Breathe Introduction– Trish Broderick

Apr. 6-7 Learning to Breathe Intensive –Trish Broderick & Brenda Nelson

Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital (AMITA Health)




  • Washington, D.C:

April 23 Learning to Breathe Introduction

Mindful Life Conference- Post Session Workshop- ‘Teaching Mindfulness to Adolescents’



  • Toronto National Yacht Club

May 4 & 5, 2017, Learning to Breathe Introduction
Presented by L2B Trainer, Marjorie James, MSW., BSW., RSW.
Space is limited, so early registration is suggested.
To register, please go to:


  • Long Island, N.Y.:

May 31-June 1 Learning to Breathe Introduction

Jericho School District (restricted to school personnel)


  • John Adams High School, Ozone Park, NY

June 8 – Introduction to L2B

June 22-23 – L2B Intensive


  • We were so pleased to be able to share L2B with teachers and students in Hong Kong as guests of the International Invitational Education Alliance. Thanks to Dr. Peter Wong, Dr. Pattie Yuk Yee Luk Fong, Principals and students of Lok Sin Tong Leung Wai Fong Memorial School, PLK Fong Wong Kam Chuen Primary School, Creative Primary School, Creative Secondary School, and Po Kwong Special School for your warmth and welcome. 



The complete Learning to BREATHE curriculum, including 6 and 18 session versions and free, downloadable supplementary materials, is available from New Harbinger Publications and Amazon. Individual student workbooks for the 6-session version are also available separately. The complete program is also available in Chinese from Big Apple Publishers.
Thank you and welcome to these pages.