Opportunities for Training

1) Introduction to Learning to BREATHE Workshop

This 1 to 2 day workshop may be individualized to your particular setting but generally provides an overview, theoretical and research foundation, and some practice from the L2B program. It is strongly recommended that participants who plan to use L2B have some prior mindfulness experience. Mindfulness experience may be gained by means of an MBSR or other program intended for adults. This workshop may also provide an introduction to mindfulness for those without prior experience. Participants in the introductory workshop experience some L2B activities and practices “as if ” they were students in a classroom.

This workshop enables participants to:

• Summarize specific current research findings that relate to adolescent brain development, emotion regulation, stress, social-emotional learning and wellbeing.

• Understand the theoretical and practical applications of L2B, including lesson-specific activities and practices.

• Demonstrate skills for presenting and teaching mindfulness to adolescents in school-based or clinical settings.

• Practice mindfulness as applied to daily life through guided periods throughout the program.

• Establish networking connections and resources for participants to draw upon in order to continue using mindfulness effectively in classrooms and other settings.


2) Two-to-Three Day Intensive Training in Learning to BREATHE

This  intensive provides in-depth experience in teaching the L2B curriculum. Demonstration, small-group practice and group feedback are done for each of the six themes of the program. In addition, specific guidance and instructions for leading mindfulness practices, engaging in mindful communication in the classroom, handling various classroom situations, etc. are included. Discussion about the role of the teacher and the pedagogical  elements of mindfulness-based programs is part of the ongoing intensive. Participants in the intensive training practice L2B activities and practices “as if ” they were L2B teachers in a classroom. Some prior understanding or experience with the curriculum is helpful.


3) Mindfulness for YOU + Mindfulness for YOUTH  Workshop

Co-Facilitated by Trish Broderick & Diane Reibel

This workshop introduces teachers, clinicians, and other participants to Learning to BREATHE, a mindfulness program for adolescents. Specific techniques for presenting and teaching mindfulness will be demonstrated. The workshop will also offer a broad introduction to the theory and research behind mindfulness-based interventions. Since those who teach mindfulness must experience mindfulness themselves, the workshop includes periods of mindfulness practice for participants. Some prior experience with mindfulness is helpful but is not a prerequisite for participation.