Participant Feedback (University of Michigan Workshop)

  • I always believed that there should be a middle ground between CBT/DBT to offer other students & now there is. I will be able to use the “cover up” activity. Very powerful.
  • The workshop greatly expanded my understanding of mindfulness and gave me great understanding of how it can be used & taught to develop students’ self-awarenss/self-management skills.
  • This isn’t “extra”. It is essential to learning & achievement. It gave more deliberate ways to help students besides feeling pressured to give advice or answers.
  • It gives me a framework for what I already do. The resounding message for me is we have this moment, only this moment, to respond or not.
  • That this is a manageable program, with clear and progressive steps, that is very doable in a high school classroom!! ☺
  • Ways to teach mindfulness and what it is exactly. I like having a concrete curriculum & not having to reinvent the wheel.
  • L2B and the workshop represent a very creative approach to teaching students how to access their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. The examples of group activities are very different from those in traditional SEL programs.
  • It was very informative and I feel I can use this with my students and staff.
  • Excellent workshop – learned a great deal and inspired to learn more.
  • This workshop was beautifully executed to bring together research & practice. I appreciated the final discussion regarding implementation. Most important statement for me was that SEL-based problem solving is not enough – Clearly this approach is the next generation of SEL & I think it has real potential for 7th-9th graders.
  • Terrific! One of the very best presenters who taught shared relevant practices I can use!
  • This is a beautifully crafted curriculum! Thank you!! I look forward to more and because I am not in the schools, I look forward to finding out how to become more involved in working with this vulnerable population

Teacher Feedback (Friends Schools)

What have you learned or gained from this program?

  • “To center myself better as a teacher through many techniques.”
  • “To take the time to stand back and take note of the moment and re-evaluate.”
  • “A reminder of the value of calming, being in the moment and helping kids to gain this strength.”
  • “Slowing down, pause, breathe are not only helpful in the moment, but also important to overall health and well-being – our own and our students.”
  • “That I can incorporate practices into my daily life easily, and I was also able to incorporate mindfulness practices in my classroom.”
  • “This program has been very helpful in providing me with self-interventions for my wandering mind as well as helping me be more in control.”
  • “I have a much more helpful and healthier understanding/awareness of my emotions and reactions.”
  • “I feel it has helped change my internal dialogue. I love the happiness piece.”
  • “How to “control” and reduce stress and uplift myself with positive thoughts and how to reduce negative talk. “


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