Mindful Teaching Scale

Broderick, et al. (2018). Evaluating the Quality of Mindfulness Instruction Delivered in School Settings: Development and Validation of a Teacher Quality Observational Rating Scale, Mindfulness. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12671-018-0944-x

This research paper describes the development of the Teaching Mindfulness in Education Observation Scale (TMEOS). The TMEOS is an instrument to assess teaching quality and assist in coaching programs for teachers who deliver mindfulness programs for youth. It was developed for use with Learning to BREATHE but potentially may be used for other programs. Four domains are included:1) Planning, Organization and Curriculum Coverage; 2) Teaching Mindfulness; 3) Guiding Mindfulness Practice; 4) Management of the Group Learning Environment.

To aid in the effective use of the TMEOS, the following suggestion are offered. They are derived from recommendations for those who teach Learning to BREATHE (L2B) and are outlined in the Learning to BREATHE manual (2013, pages 4-5). First, observers should have training in mindfulness themselves, ideally through participating in programs such as MBSR or similar training models. They should have a consistent personal mindfulness practice. It is important for observers to have a deep understanding of the L2B curriculum by first teaching it themselves. They should also understand the importance of fidelity of implementation and adherence to the model.

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