This list will be continuously updated as workshops are finalized.

2018 Workshops

  • Weber County Human Services, Ogden, Utah, Sept 16-17 (Dr. Brenda Nelson, Trainer)
  • Mindfulness Day, Penn College, October 8
  • Intensive Training, Oct.24-25, Long Island,NY (Canceled)
  • Presentation at Mind and Life Conference, November, Phoenix,AZ, November 8-11, 2018
  • Three-day Foundation and Intensive Workshops, Davis County, Utah, November 27-29, 2018


2019 Workshops

  • Training in Hong Kong, January, 2019
  • Intensive Training, Feb. 4-5, 2019, Long Island, NY (Contact Susan Kessler, Western Suffolk BOCES)
  • 3-Day Foundation and Intensive Training, March 4-6, 2019, Denver Public Schools

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