What’s new in Learning to BREATHE (2e)?

  • New chapter “How to Use This Manual” provides practical updated information;
  • “Theme at a Glance” pages for each lesson provide an easy guide for sequence and timing of lessons;
  • New formatting makes scripts easier for teachers to follow and icons indicate places for student discussion, practices, and transitions;
  • New boxes called “Teacher Notes” offer detailed guidance for teachers and boxes called “Activities” provide information about setting up and processing student exercises;
  • New boxes called ‘Trauma Informed Practice” provide suggested adaptations for those with histories of trauma;
  • New chapter called “Trauma, Mindfulness and Working with Youth” includes basic information about trauma, emotion regulation and learning plus provides detailed suggestions for teaching L2B;
  • New chapter called “Mindfulness Boosters, Daily Doses and Key Words” offer additional mindfulness practice scripts and guidance to encourage school-wide practice;
  • Revised student workbook pages:
  • Additional on-line resources including pre and post-program student assessments, fidelity checklists, posters, audio files and wallet cards;
  • Supplementary information includes questionnaire items for teacher self-assessment or coaching.

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