What’s included in the new Learning to BREATHE?

  • Introduction: “Making a Case and a Place for Mindfulness in Education”
  • Developmental assumptions of L2B;
  • Theoretical foundations of L2B;
  • Lesson objectives, main messages, and sample teacher narratives for both 6 and 18 session versions;
  • In-depth description of group activities;
  • In-class mindfulness practice scripts;
  • Suggested home practices;
  • Links to state and national assessment standards;
  • Assessment information;
  • Program process evaluation;
  • Teacher resources about mindfulness;
  • Background information on stress processes and adolescent development;
  • Message to mindfulness teachers.
  • Both versions of student workbook pages (downloadable);
  • Audio of 4  mindfulness practices (downloadable);
  • BREATHE poster set (downloadable);
  • Wallet cards (downloadable).

To purchase your copy of the curriculum, please visit: New Harbinger Publications

Learning to Breathe

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