Student Comments

Student Comments

  • “I learned how to handle my mind when I am stressed, how to be mindful of my thoughts & feelings when I am stressed, anxious, and angry.”
  • “I learned that …I have a “crazy” mind, but that everyone else’s mind is like that, too. Now I can concentrate much better and be aware of my body and emotions.”
  • “I learned about my ability to identify an issue and simply let it go, whether it was good or bad. This has led to better focus and self-confidence.”
  • “The difference between a win and a loss on the tennis court was determined almost solely on how present I was in a given match.”
  • “In this program I’ve learned how to improve the way I react to certain things.”
  • “The program has improved my focus in school and has helped me be more aware of any thoughts and emotions I have.”
  •  “This course has taught me how to bring my focus back to reality and makes it easier to focus on academics.”
  • “I learned to relax myself at a very stressful moment so that I don’t feel sick.”
  • “Like when my mom says she has a headache and won’t take me to the mall, that’s just the way it is.  I don’t get more mad and stay mad cause that doesn’t help.”
  • “I can now pay attention to something or someone for a longer period of time.”
  • “It taught me a lot of things that that’s good to do other than screaming and hitting….Like to calm down, you know, breathe in and out.  Like before the program, I didn’t really know about calming down.  I didn’t know how that works.  I just knew …I had to scream until he (teacher) gets your attention….But now I know.”
  • “I feel this program saved me from stress and help me to calm down. Also I feel that it helped me to listen to my body, be kind to myself, and to overcome fear, stress, and depressing emotions. I think it helped me a lot and I hope I can do that next year.”
  • “What did I learn from this program? I learned that I must respect myself and others. I have learned to deal with my emotion.”
  • “I tried to engage and stay engaged in all my conversations, and really listen to what people have to say and where they are coming from.”
  • “I have learned that, although a problem may seem huge at first, it is actually the size of a grain of sand in relation to the universe. Also I should treat myself kindly and respect my body.”
  • “The most important message for me is to be mindful and how being mindful can change a basic experience.”
  • “I’ve learned that I can have space in my mind.”
  • “The most important thing I learned and that I plan to carry with me is that I only have this moment. Emotions and even events of the past and future should not affect this moment’s peace.”


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