College-Adapted Version of Learning to Breathe Being Studied

May 11, 2016 | Studies

Dr. Mark Greenberg and researchers at Penn State University’s Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center have received a CTSI (Clinical and Translational Science Institute) Novel Methodologies in Health Research Award for a pilot project titled “Using Innovative Methods to Study the Effect of Mindfulness Training on the Health and Well-Being of First Year College Students.”

College students face increased stress from various developmental, social, and academic demands, and evidence indicates that mindfulness-based practices can improve stress management skills, physical and mental health, and quality of life. Mindfulness-based practices may particularly be relevant to first-year college students as they can promote stress resilience and effective emotion regulation to facilitate the transition process. This study will test the overall impact of an 8-session college-adapted version of Learning to Breathe (Just BREATHE) delivered to first-year students living in residential dormitories using conventional pre and post test measures and ecological momentary assessments (EMA). Here are some pictures of our awesome L2B teachers.

The Teaching Team- Mark Agrusti, Moe Kishida. Kami Dvorakova and Alex Koury

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