TDSB Excellence Award To Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute’s Mindfulness Project

May 11, 2016 | L2B In Action, Schools

The “Mindfulness Project” at Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute was the recipient of one of the TDSB Excellence Awards for their work in bringing mindfulness to students. A progressive and proactive approach to supporting the mental health and well-being of all students was launched at Dr. Norman Bethune CI, thanks to the leadership and vision of teachers Robin Daniels and Whitney Aziz, social worker Marjorie James and Principal Sandy Kaskens. Using census data and feedback from students, the team saw a need and intervened in a positive, relevant and meaningful way. The Mindfulness Project teaches Grade 9 students at this school techniques for coping with stress and anxiety through a series of mindfulness sessions embedded in the school day and facilitated by staff. The initiative has caught on throughout the school, engaging both staff and students, who are experiencing the benefits of the training. This innovative program stands out as an example for how to support students and staff in the area of mental health and wellness, a key goal of the Years of Action plan. This project offers L2B to students.

Award Winners at Dr. Norman Bethune CI

Pictured are:
School Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos, Executive Superintendent Lou Vavougious, Superintendent Peter Chang, Vice-Principal Neil Dyal, and the Team: Teachers Whitney Aziz, Robin Daniels, Social Worker Marjorie James, and Principal Sandy Kaskens


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