Teacher Comments

Selected Comments from Workshop Participants

  • “The workshop was wonderful and exactly what I was looking for. The curriculum is specific, yet allows for creativity and adjustments to be made as needed. I was really looking for a concrete outline with specific activities which your curriculum provides. I am very excited to use it.”
  • “This workshop far surpassed my expectations. The incredible amount of work, creativity and organization to present the information in a logical sequence was evident from beginning to end. The inclusion of experiential exercises as they related to presentation material was very effective.I leave this workshop with the intention of renewing and refreshing my practice.”
  • “It was quite apparent how much thought and care went into program development.”
  • “This is such a powerful, well-researched and designed program. You clearly have crafted an excellent, age-appropriate transforming program.”
  • “I have a much better understanding of how to present this to students and am so excited to get started.”
  • “This was a very rich and practical introduction to this practice. I look forward to implementing this with my students and seeing the transformations.”

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