Dr. Anna Lau (UCLA) and colleagues presented at AAPA

May 11, 2016 | Studies

AAPA: Dr. Anna Lau (UCLA) and colleagues presented at AAPA (Asian American Psychological Association) Conference in Toronto in August, 2015 on work on the ACES Project. This a multi-site study of adolescent stress and coping in California and Vietnam. This project has a focus on understanding the role of culture and context in teen stress and mental health to reveal modifiable risk and protective factors in order to plan targeted prevention efforts. A diverse group of adolescents were either assigned to one of 2 treatments  or were allowed to choose their preferred group. Overall. adolescents experienced clearer benefits from L2B on depression, anxiety, and stress.Dr. Joey Fung (Fuller Graduate School of Psychology) and her colleagues also presented on their work using L2B in a school-based project with Asian and Latino students showing mild to moderate depressive symptoms. Following L2B, youth showed reductions in parent-reported externalizing problems, child-reported internalizing problems, and emotion suppression. All these effects were maintained at the 3-month follow-up.

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