L2B In Tasmania

May 11, 2016 | Schools

Sandra Wiggins, School Psychologist at the Friends School in Hobart, Tasmania, reports: We started using Learning to Breathe in 2013 with our Year 8s as part of their Health program.  In 2014 we moved the program to the Year 7s in their Connections program.  This program involves a day a week of extended multidisciplinary learning.  The Year 7s did the Learning to Breathe program in their first few weeks of school, two hours a week, and then finished it off with two one hour sessions at their camp.In Year 8 all students had a one hour ‘refresher’ course on Mindfulness as part of their Brain Week.  All Year 9s also did a short session in their week long Connections program and the Year 10s had a choice of several Mindfulness activities in their Connections Week also.  Through this continued reintroduction of Mindfulness throughout the years at High School, and with embedding Mindfulness techniques in classroom practice, it has given our students the opportunity to continue to develop their skills in this area.

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