L2B In Three Pennsylvania Friends Schools

May 11, 2016 | Schools

Dr Irene McHenry, Former Director of Friends Education reports: The Friends School component of the Friends Mindfulness Collaborative initiative was implemented in three Friends schools in Pennsylvania during this 2013-14 academic year: United Friends School in Quakertown (UFS), Media-Providence Friends School in Media (MPFS), and The Quaker School in Horsham (TQS). In each school, we implemented a 6-session mindfulness-based stress reduction course designed especially for educators. This course was followed by a one-day training for those faculty that would implement the Learning To Breathe mindfulness curriculum with students. Evening workshops introducing mindfulness to parents were offered in two locations. We measured outcomes for the 6-week faculty program on mindfulness-based stress reduction using qualitative measures that consisted of a survey that faculty completed at the end of the course, followed by interviews with the head of school at the end of the school year. See some comment from teachers in the Teachers’ link.

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